I have been getting the question lately “how do I get started losing weight?” This has come from women who fell off their journey, and those who want to get started. My answer has been the same for everyone, “just get started!” Yeah I know this sounds generic or so simple, but that’s because it truly is.

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See we tend to over complicate things in life. Not on purpose, I don’t think, maybe just by human nature. I used to complicate things, but I truly learned that keeping it simple goes a very very long way. So in an effort to help you help yourself, I have a few tips on how to get (or get back) started with weight loss and on a journey to a healthier YOU!

  1. Start where you are. Try not to focus on how others started or where they currently are.
  2. Make a list of things you struggle with/aren’t so great at.
    1. These should be nutritional and physical. Remember nutrition weighs 80% of the journey & fitness is 20%
  3. Set a large goal based off of the list.
  4. Create smaller goals based upon the large goal.
  5. Pick one item from the list, maybe two if they pair with each other, and start building a consistency with that.
    1. Ex: Drink a lot of soda & sweet tea (struggle) Need to increase water intake (struggle). Solution: Start replacing soda/tea per day with water. Set a goal of getting to ideal water intake by (insert date)

Once you build a consistency with one or two items, then add on another struggle. It is important to start small and focus on one or two items because it is easier for them to become habits. If you try to do a lot at once, it will be more of a challenge and when “life happens,” all those things you did at one time will fall by the waist side and you will feel like you failed. Start slow and progress, and when “life happens,” even if you pause for a little bit, you will get back into your healthy habits easier. Don’t believe me??—Try it!

Best of wishes!

In health,


P.S. ~ If you find yourself struggling still with not knowing where to start, or need guidance with meals/meal ideas, schedule a consult with me so I can help you on your journey! bit.ly/bpconsult 

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