Water, Water, Water!!!!

Water is a very important part of our diet, no matter what diet we choose. Water plays so many roles in our body that you would think it would be the easier for everyone to drink it on the regular, but it is not. Most people struggle with getting in the appropriate amount of water per day, and I often get asked what “tricks” do I have on drinking water. Truth be told, there aren’t any tricks. It is very necessary to build a consistent habit of drinking water, for the health of your body. Your body will thank you and allow you to feel and see the difference.

As I stated, there are various benefits of drinking water, and I am listing my top ones:

  • Aids in weight loss
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Lubricate and cushion joints
  • Prevent headaches
  • Keeps the kidneys working
  • Takes the edge off of hangovers
  • Protect your spinal cord and other sensitive tissues
  • Keeps the brain functioning normal

…just to name a few. Once upon a time, we where told that all one need was 8 (8oz cups) of water per day, and that was sufficient, but there wasn’t any science backing that. Science is backing that proper hydration is different for each individual and a good gauge is to drink 1/2 ones body weight in water (oz) per day. Now that can be a bit tough in the beginning, so bare minimum would be to stick the old adage of 8 cups of water per day.

I don’t struggle with the plain taste of water, but I know many people due. Flavored water is an option, but it is not my top choice (opinion) for those who struggle with the taste. Flavored waters don’t have any calories, but many do have a sweetener added to it, and in most case it is artificial like acesulfame or sucralose (splenda). I am not a fan of artificial sweeteners, so this is why flavored waters are not a top choice. Other ways to add flavor to water would be:

  • Infuse with fresh fruit and herbs
    • Orange w/fresh mint
    • Strawberries w/lemon
    • Lemon & Lime
  • Tea (plain)
  • Coffee (black)

Simple and quick options to drink water with a little added taste. Remember to let the fruit sit in the water for an hour or so if wanting to taste some flavor from it, and certain fruits only last that day (strawberries). Always wash fruit, and scrub skin, before placing in water.

Here are a few water apps to check out to help you along the way:

  • iHydrate (free)
  • Waterlogged (free)
  • Daily water (free)
  • Water Minder (paid)
  • 8 glasses a day (paid)

I hope this helps someone, and remember to share the article. Sharing is caring! I appreciate YOU!

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