About Shamere

I am a Nutrition Coach & Certified Weight Loss Specialist. I have my Bachelors degree in Nutrition Science, several certifications in nutrition & wellness, to include my nutrition specialist certification from the U.S. Army; weight loss specialist certification from ACE, & I am also a certified Reiki Master.

My background in nutrition started when I joined the US Army in 2001, where I worked as a Nutrition Specialist. After honorably leaving the Army, she worked in the nutrition field in various aspects, and found a love for helping individuals with their healthy lifestyle change.

I was born and raised in beautiful Beaufort, South Carolina, so I love RICE! I also have a love for flavorful foods. I’ve coined myself a foodie of all sorts. I love trying new restaurants, experiencing new foods and flavors. I have learned how to do these things in a healthy and balanced way.

I am a wife (since 2006), a mom to 3 handsome young men, one beautiful bonus daughter, and one fur son Ozzie. They keep me on my toes and bring me joy.

My second and third son are not quite two years apart, so I experienced having to lose that pregnancy 50 lbs that I gained fairly close together. I also dealt with post partum depression, PTSD from my Army days, and a variety of life happenings.

I truly understand how it can be difficult to get started on your journey, maintain it, all while managing life and its ups and downs. Because of my own journey and watching those close to me try to navigate the process, I designed tools and tips to help my clients and followers be the best version of themselves. My goal is to help individuals feel whole again. Mind, body, and spirit! I’d be happy to help you along your journey.

About Be Positive

While working for one of the top weight loss clinics as a Senior Nutrition Counselor, I realized that I wanted to to start my own business to help others on their journey. Counseling with the weight loss clinic really opened my eyes to the generic approaches that are out there for nutrition, and how this does not work for everyone. At this time, the business was not created, but I knew once I did get the guts to do it, it would not be the same as others.

Be Positive Health & Wellness does not approach health & wellness in a generic way. I approach each client like an unique individual, as they are, and work with them based off of their lifestyle. You will not receive a generic approach working one on one with me. There are so many faucets of life that go into living our best healthy life, and my goal is to ensure we tap into all the areas that are needed, helping you to be a whole healthy YOU!

My philosophy is “Healthy Living is NOT a Fad, It’s a Lifestyle,” and I educate my clients on how to live a balanced healthy life. Not one of restriction or a fad, but one of balance. I believe that your journey is and will be successful if it is balanced and based off of your lifestyle. I educated and guide you how to do this, and in the end, you will be a better, stronger, healthier YOU!

I have a mobile and virtual office, so I provide my clients with my expertise either in person in their own home or place of comfort, or virtually via video calls or via phone.

Click the services link to see what way you would like to get started working with me.

Shamere Young (Owner) Bachelors Nutrition Science, Nutrition Specialist, Nutrition Coach, Certified Weight Loss Specialist