Tis the season to struggle with your weight loss goals! Oh nope it is not Thanksgiving yet at all.
So what might actually be an issue so early into the New Year? You know to throw us off of our game of getting “summertime fine?” Glad you asked!
It is our beloved nemesis……Girl Scout cookies!! (I’ll be referencing girl scout cookie season as GSC.)


GSC season has been an issue for your for yearsssssss, and you may not have realized how much, however; I am going to break it down for you.

Being an avid lover of thin mints, I had to do some research on the serving size and calories, especially as the cookies got smaller in my opinion. So here are some facts:
Thin Mints – 4 cookies serving size – 160 calories – 10 grams of sugar

Samoas – 2 cookies serving size –  150 calories – 11 grams of sugar

Lemonades – 2 cookies serving size –  150 calories – 9grams of sugar

Do Si Dos – 3 cookie serving size – 160 calories – 11 grams of sugar

So when you crack open that GSC box in the evening with your glass of low fat/no fat milk, eat a sleeve as you watch reality tv, you consumed about 600 calories. 600 calories that you won’t even burn off. And then mid-day at work the next day you get that sweet tooth and you eat half of  the other sleeve. 

Imagine that cycle happening 2-3 times per week. For the majority of people, calories are piling up, thus weight gain happening.
Is it possible to burn off the calories from the cookies? Yes! Will you burn off the calories from the cookies in the day that you ate them? Probably not!

 Just keeping it real with you. It would take a high intensity workout for about 60-75 minutes to burn off the 600 calories. Now before you say, “I can do that,” keep in mind that you would just be trying to burn off the calories from the cookies, and you wouldn’t create any deficit for actual weight loss to occur. 

So now you are wondering if you should just keep all the weight until girl scout cookie season is over, and I am telling you NO.


Keep shooting for your goals. There is a way to make operation summertime fine effective during GSC season. 
1. Don’t purchase out of “guilt” or “support.” – You can make a financial donation to the girl scouts OR you can purchase boxes for them to donate to soldiers who are deployed. 

2. Exercise portion control-Pick a day or two that you may indulge, and eat the serving size for your cookies. There is nothing wrong with exercising self-control. Now if you know that you won’t stick to the serving size, leave the cookies alone….if your goals are important to you.

3. Get a cookie accountability partner-Don’t laugh until you try it. Grab you an accountability partner just to hold onto your cookies, and allow you to only eat a proper serving.

 Ex: I get a sweet tooth at work after lunch most days. I have a co-worker who holds the M&M’s for me, and I am only allotted 2 days to get my portion of M&M’s, and she faithfully keeps me accountable. It works and helps.

Stay strong my friend and don’t let GSC take over your goals this season. 

In love, health, & beauty


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