It’s the Weekend Babyyyy!!!

You have been drinking your water, sticking to your meal plan, and being active all throughout the workweek …and then the weekend arrives and all hell breaks loose.

Yeah somehow in just 2 ½ days (Friday after 5pm counts as weekend), we can manage to damage a hard week worth of work. Yes it does happen and I know it because I have lived it before.

You know the routine:

  • Get up and get dressed
  • Drink some water and coffee (maybe juice)
  • Out the door for errands or events
  • Snag a pretzel in the mall or hot dogs and chips at the event
  • Late lunch from favorite fast food place
  • Eat some random unhealthy snack while mixing up more
  • Dinner out with the family or friends
    • This is where the drinks and appetizers take us over in calories for the day

This routine has happened in some way to many of us, and it is often the culprit of additional weight gain OR the thought that what you are doing during the week isn’t working.

There is a way to remedy this though.

  1. Treat the weekend just like the week. Have a plan and put forth your best effort on it.
  2. Don’t indulge in meals, snacks, or drinks, UNLESS, you planned on doing so. It is easy to let others persuade us to “just have one drink,” “take one bite,” etc., I say be reminded that you must carry your weight around, not the person tempting you, so say no if you hadn’t planned on it and if it will derail you.
  3. Drink water! For some reason water is the first thing to get put down on the weekends. Like our body doesn’t need hydration on the Keep that water intake up! ½ boy weight in ounces of water is the goal.
  4. Keep healthy snacks in a snack bag, in your purse, or in the car. This will help you to not eat the gas station junk food or stop at the fast food joint just to satisfy your hunger. 

Stop looking at the weekend as “just the weekend,” and look at it as another day to CRUSH your goals!!!

Now I know it may not seem like much, BUT, these simple tips APPLIED, will make a huge impact.

Go forth and make the weekend count!! 


Health & Wellness Coach

Healthy Living is Not a Fad, It’s a Lifestyle!

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