Would you like to eat without having to decide on what?

Would you like to have guidance on the things that you should eat?

Are you on the journey to lose body fat, weight, or even maintain what you loss, but don’t know what to do?

In order to live a healthier lifestyle, one often has to change the way they eat. Sometimes that is easier said than done.

At Be Positive Health & Wellness, we aim to lighten the load by teaching our clients about planning their meals, as well as creating customized meal plans for them. We offer meal plan creation starting at 7 days long, up to 30 days long. Meal plans can be purchased as part of a healthy living package (s), which comes with nutrition coaching sessions, or by themselves.

Whatever your choice is, we aim to help you along your journey. CLICK HERE , to purchase your meal plan.

Meal Plans Options w/ Pricing

    • 7 day ~ $50
    • 14 day ~ $90
    • 21 day ~ $135
    • 30 day ~ $180

All meal plans come with a required nutrition assessment form that must be completed and submitted before the plan will be created, and the plan must be paid in FULL before it will be created. Please email info@bepositivehealthandwellness.com , if you would like a customized meal plan!