Being a woman can be tough.

Being a mom can be tough.

Being a wife can be tough.

Just living can be tough….like for real.

I don’t get mad at the aspect of things being tough, because such is life. What I have found myself getting mad at is me adding things to the equation to make it tougher *le sigh*

The scale for instance. This is a tool that in my field it is often used, however; this is one of the things that can be added to the equation in life to make things tougher….especially when it is utilized wrong. Can the scale be utilized wrong??…why yes! Let me share a little about how I did it wrong.

After having my 3rd son and knowing that I needed to drop 50 -60lbs  that I had after having him, I used the scale to get my initial weight. I started the process of creating a meal plan that would allow me to still create great breast milk, but still decrease some body fat. I also had a workout regime that I eventually integrated as well. I would weigh in weekly to see what my progress was. Scale wasn’t moving. Scale said I only loss 1lb in the entire 5 weeks. Scale was telling me that I was failing. Scale was stressing me out. Or was I stressing myself out?!

See I was using the scale all wrong, and what was worst is I should’ve known better. The scale only measures body weight. Most basic scales don’t break body composition down so it only tells one side of the story of the body when there is so much more. Once I caught myself in the process I came to a halt and came up with something new. I started taking pictures of myself and saving them to a album on my phone. Later I would (and still do) compare photos to one another. I also started measuring parts of my body that I wanted to change. This worked. Every 4 weeks, I was seeing results. Like inches moving, seats of my pants getting slack, going up another notch in the belt..all complete WINS that the scale wasn’t telling me.

So why did I share all this? Well for quite a few reasons.

  1. So that you can understand that you are sain and the scale really is a man made spawn of the devil…lol..I’m serious though.
  2. So that you will not totally ditch the scale, but start using it less and having other ways to manage your progress.
  3. So that you don’t sabotage the efforts you have been putting in for yourself.
  4. Because I wanted to 🙂

So ummm…..take the scale out and weigh once this month, tuck it in a corner somewhere (let it gather dust), and enjoy your process! Your camera roll should be full of pics of YOU here on out 🙂

Love & Health,


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