Is Salt an enemy of a healthy diet?

The immediate response of many is YES!! Why?! Because salt has gotten a bad wrap overtime. Mainly from food companies who come up with new ways to package their processed foods. Making salt an enemy to many has been a successful marketing strategy for the food industry. The truth is……

Salt being friend or foe will partly depend on your current health standing! Sodium/salt is not bad and the body actually needs it. The problem is the average American diet is loaded with tons of salt from packaged and highly processed foods, so adding additional salt becomes a major issue. Those who are dealing with high blood pressure or heart issues DO NOT need additional salt in their foods NOR do they need packaged or highly processed foods, so salt really seems like an enemy given their condition.

For those not suffering with these issues, if you eat more whole foods, and less processed foods, SALT then becomes a good friend to add flavor to dishes you prepare. Salt/sodium provides benefits to the body such as:

  • Maintaining proper fluid balance
  • Contracts and relaxes muscle fibers
  • Nerve impulse transmission

Sea Salts are the better of the salt options, as they have not been through a lot of process like the Iodinized salt found often on the grocer shelves. There are a variety of sea salts/rock salts that can be beneficial, and they add additional minerals to the body. Celtic sea salt & Pink Himalyan salt are my favorites. A little goes a long way.

I hope this quick information helped to get you going with a better understanding of salt. Take the time to dig a little deeper and learn so more about salt(s), if you wish.

Remember:The average person only needs 2300mg of sodium, but it is often exceeded due to processed foods. One is better off preparing the majority of their meals and adding your own salt, to avoid the access salt within processed/packaged foods. 

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