One thing that I used to do in my life is justify my bad habits, and I must be honest and say that I did not realize how much it was hindering my growth. Not just my growth with my weight loss, but also my mental growth, relationship growth, financial growth……you get the picture.

See the justification of bad habits can impact your entire life because once you get used to making a justification in one area of life, you slowly start doing it in other areas, and then you find yourself in a whirlwind of challenges with self that you need to correct. * pause, think about it*

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It’s okay though. We live and we learn, so here I am telling you two things that I did that helped me stop justifying my bad habits and live my best healthy life.

  1. Own It! Yep i said OWN IT! You have to start with being truthful with your self first. This doesn’t necessarily mean being “hard” on yourself, you can give yourself grace, but be TRUTHFUL with yourself. Like are you making goals/statements that you KNOW you will not execute on?
    • Ex: I’m going to the gym 4 days each week after work!…but friend you don’t like crowds, so………… what about the gym in the morning or some at home workouts to avoid crowds.
    • Ex: I’m not drinking coffee anymore because I need to save money!…but friend you like coffee so…..what about making your coffee at home or at work?
    • Ex: I’m not eating meat anymore so I can loose this weight!..but friend you like meat, so……..what about changing the way you eat meat and the types?
  2. Take the time necessary to plan for you. Planning is important because it allows you to be intentional with your changes/growth.
    • Planning does not have to be lengthy, but it does need to match what you need to do.

Okay that’s it. Enough of my mouth…lol. But hey friend…….OWN IT! You got this!

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